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Chi-hang Wong
is the son of Diane Meiying Yat and Ka-fu Wong
Chi-hang was born on the evening of 11th September 1999. At birth, he weighed 8 pounds and 10 ounces.

Everyone's name has a meaning, so does Chi-hang's!!

Thanks to Diane's Japanese business friends, now we know may be pronounced as Tomoyuki in Japanese.

Wong, my surname or last name. 
As a noun, it means a ruler, a king or a prince. As a adjective, it means royal, princely, or regal.  As a verb, it means rule or govern.
Chi-hang, my son's given name. 
Chi means know, perceive, recognize, comprehend, understand, distingush, or  be acquainted with,  as a verb
hang means act or conduct, as a verb

There are several Chinese proverbs related to the name.
To know is not difficult, but practice is difficult.
Knowledge is difficult to get, deed is easy to do.

In fact, both "knowing" and "practising" could be difficult. It is our wish that our Chi-hang can and will do both, that is,


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