Photo Album: The first two months
Wong, Chi-hang
The first two months: Click the picture to see an enlarged version of individual pictures.
First day after birth: pretty much ignored anyone; did not eat much; slept a lot. Can these be explained by his heavy weight: 8 pounds and 10 ounces!!
First yawn? In the first week of birth, both the mother and son are exhausted in hospital although the mother was too excited to sleep..

First hospitalization: On his thirtieth day (a Sunday) when we are supposed to banquet with our in-laws (a Chinese tradition), Chi-hang had a fever of 103F. He was taken to the emergency room and later hospitalized for a week. On his first couple of days in hospital, he was wired for close monitoring. Meiying and Ka-fu took shifts to stay with him days and nights.

After a course of medical check, the cause of his fever was not found. When Chi-hang was released on the seventh day, we were happy that the nightmare was over -- we thought.

Three days later, Chi-hang had another fever up to 104F and was hospitalized again. For another week. This time, he was found to suffer from urethritis (or inflammation of the urethra). However, urethritis is only a symptom rather than a cause. .... At this time, we are still tracing for the cause of the inflammation. Until then, he will continue to take medicine to suppress the inflammation.

For what is worth, an infant is often protected by his monther's anti-bodies in the first three months after birth. Thus, a high fever on a one-month-old infant is very rare and requires a lot of attention. That is why the emergency room in the public hospital admitted Chi-hang immediately although the hospital beds are very scarce in Hong Kong public hospitals. In addition, Chi-hang is breast-fed and thus supplied with mother's anti-bodies. Any illness due to external cause is extremely unlikely.

Seventh week: With the fever suppressed, Meiying and Ka-fu have the mood to take picture again. Right before taking bath. (Holding him was his grandma, who visited and helped take care of Chi-hang almost every day.)
Seventh week: Chi-hang has learned to enjoy bath. (Holding him was his grandma.)
Seventh week: After bath, Chi-hang smiled to his mother.

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