Our beloved tour guide at the Hong Kong Museum of History

We visited the Museum many times before we met her. Ms. Lai was a volunteer tour guide at the Hong Kong Museum of History. One day in late December 2003, we were lucky that no other visitor was interested in using a free tour guide service at the Museum (scheduled to be around 3:00p.m.). At the museum, we could have rented an aduio self-tour service (the walkman machine that you can carry around to listen to selective displayed items). In fact, my son always wanted to rent an audio self-tour service but I always said no. That day, when I asked him whether we want to use the free tour guiding service, he hesitated a little bit and then said yes. Indeed, an audio self-tour service is no match to a good human tour guide -- Ms. Lai. We learn a lot from her during our visit. We like her so much that we attended her personal mini-exhibition several weeks later.

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At the museum
Chi-hang took the picture
Chi-hang and Ms. Lai
Father and son


At the Ms. Lai's mini-exhibition
(Chi-hang took a picture of Father, Mother and Ms. Lai)