A moment of celebration

Excellence in teaching the Master of Economics course
Regulation, Competition and Business Strategy in 2004/05

Dr. Ka-fu WONG

My sincere thanks to ...

  1. Professor Richard Wong for encouraging me to develop teaching cases for the course.
  2. The co-teachers of the course in 2003/04 (Professor Richard Wong) and in 2004/05 (Dr. Brett Norward).
  3. 2003/04 students of the course for being guinea pigs to try the new teaching pedagogy.
  4. 2004/05 students of the course for their active participation in class discussion.

What did students think the lecturer (Dr. Ka-fu WONG) did especially well in this course and what improvements did they feel the lecturer could make to enhance his teaching?

  1. Clear explanation. Always encourage discussion or thought sharing.
  2. Encourage discussion & intellectual thinking
  3. Great to have class interaction (all lectures) odd though with Norwood no interaction expected (but still like class), but with Wong are interactions. Perhaps some more balance between two lecturers; but even without, loved this course.
  4. He's especially good at stimulating students' thoughts & analytical skills.
  5. Lecturer gave very good real world examples. Lecture is very clear & satisfactory answers to student's questions. Good discussion during case studies.
  6. One of the best I've had at HKU! The simple act of keeping track of students' participations during lecture helped student discussion. Impressed with handling of "case method", good at keeping discussion going.
    Stimulate responses from everyone
  7. The lecturer did especially well in creating an atmosphere for in-class discussion.
  8. The lecturer stimulates us to think & discuss the real cases. The discussion widens our scope of thinking & depth as well.
  9. Too much attention to foreign students.
  10. Very stimulating case studies & reading materials.