Interactive Graphs based on Abel, Bernanke and Croushore, Macroeconomics, seventh edition

ZHOU Linshuo (2013)

---- An Introduction by Ka-fu WONG

In the Spring of 2013, I invited a group of students to draw interactive graphs based on the textbooks they had studied. The purpose is to improve teaching and learning at the University of Hong Kong. Using interactive graphs in teaching, teaching and learning can potentially improve. Producing the graphs, student's learning of the subject can potentially improve. The software we used was GeoGebra. Among the ten to twenty students, one student -- Mr. ZHOU Linshuo -- produced more than 10 graphs for the Macroeconomic text:
Abel, Bernanke and Croushore, Macroeconomics, seventh edition.

I was so proud of him! Jim Jiang (another student of mine) and myself can only claim mild contribution in the early development stage.

We hope that our effort (emphasized mainly Linshuo's) will benefit teachers and students around the world. Feel free to use them (at your own risk). It is unlikely we can offer support. An email of appreciation ( will be nice but not necessary.

We hope that our work will inspire other teachers and students of Economics to develop and share similar resources. To view and edit the files, you will need to install GeoGebra, available at Right click to save the files.

---- A Sharing by Linshuo ZHOU

Many thanks to Dr. Wong for introducing me to GeoGebra. I enjoyed producing the interactive plots and I learn a lot from doing so.

Learning Geogebra brought me great pleasure and sense of accomplishment. Unlike other kinds of "hard" software (e.g., Matlab and R), Geogebra is relatively easy to get started. I could create simple movable objects with only drags and clicks.

Plotting graphs using a software is a unique experience of learning. I was forced to figure out which function y(x) to use in order to plot the curve I wanted. I believe that the experience of using functions to describe certain types of curves, such as those with convexity, is valuable to my planned further study of economics.

Last but not least, the experience of producing those plots deepens my understanding of those economics models that I have learnt before, especially on how those models evolve dynamically. The work served as a review of these models, yielded new insight, and hence has help my learning of more advanced courses.

While the project started out as a self-learning experience, I am so glad that my work can potentially help others in their teaching and learning. Enjoy!